Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Diet Tracker

So this is not weight watchers but this FREE and almost as good. Instead of a points system this is based on calories. This is the link and I tried it out today. So far it has found everything I plan to eat today and things that already have in the refrigerator. The allowance it gives you is based on some details you give after clicking on "My Pyramid Menu Planner". This is too cool, check it out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

that tortilla soup

i made that chicken tortilla soup a few days ago and it came out without a hitch. unfortunately, i felt pretty guilty about the tortilla chips and cheese, so i cut it out and it tasted pretty boring. so last night i tried it again, this time i added big chunks of onion and half a can of corn to the broth as i waited for it to simmer. After adding the chicken and serving, i added some mexican rice. the dish came out successful: filling, tasty, and a little less guilty.
AND i haven't had any starbucks food in a week. yay!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fast Friday

I'm so proud of you Nicole, Planks are SUPER HARD! This Firday Nicole came over for a hike at Chantry Flats but due to some severe thunderstorms and lightning we bailed and decided to scrapbook. We managed to make nothing but it was fun anyways and what we did make was edible. I chopped up a super quick salad and then showed Nicole how to make Rachel Ray's Thai Chicken Noodle Soup. It is so fast and makes about 6 servings, I calculated the cost to be $1.38 per person (using thigh meat instead of breast meat). That's right! Anyways, Saturday was left-overs again and no walking because I woke up and had a terrible migrane, I think it may be allergy related. Sunday I felt much better, I made grilled chicken sandwiches and for dinner made a beef stir fry. Now since I've been stagnant since Friday I really need to get moving. Today I'm doing Disneyland with Melissa and if that's not exercise enough for today maybe we'll do a little more walking when we get back.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nicole's Weigh In

After returning from our road trip I avoided stepping on the scale. I knew I had gained weight from sitting around in the car for 7 hrs a day for approx 6 out of our 11 days on the road. It took me 4 days to get back to gym. I went for 3 days straight and felt good, but hated looking at myself in the mirror. My gut is back! I had lost a little bit of it earlier this year, but with the layoff and the trip and the stress I couldn't keep up my routine that I started last November. I had a tough time getting back to the gym again this week after yet another roadtrip up north, but I did it on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I decided I needed to commit to more core strengthening than I have before. I committed to adding planks into my routine. I was dying today! Every time I had to cough it hurt! I am taking Friday off since Steph and I are going on a hike. We are hoping to meet weekly on Fridays for a hike. My cardio at the gym is going to alternate between walking and climbing to help train my body for future hikes. I know its not the same as actually hiking or walking out doors, but I get to read and listen to music while I do and I really like the quite time to myself. No phone, No one talking to me, No crazy hot sun, No bugs etc. Weights are my favorite part of working out. I need to do some more research on new routines for my arms and legs, but squats and pushups along with stretching and planks are the core part of my anaerobic portion of the work out. Looking forward to all of your posts! I like this idea of sharing and I need the inspiration for eating better.

Wednesday & Thursday Night

Last night I made individual Meat Loaves and they were pretty tasty. I've never attempted any meat loaf and they were easy and quick to prepare so I'll keep the recipe around for when I have ground beef but no buns. Since tonight is leftover night, today I give my legs a break and do no exercise either. Time to scrapbook!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thunder & Lighting

I decided to stay home when the thunder started getting louder. Instead I put in my boot camp video and managed only 20 minutes. Someday I hope to get through the entire workout. I weighed myself for the first time in a long time and I guess I'm consistent at 166. In 2007 I was inching towards 200 at 198 and was a size 14 barely avoiding size 16. That is when with Alan and Sylvia's help I started eating better and walking almost everyday for at least 30 minutes. I think getting down to my 21 year old weight of 145 is not realistic but getting toned is goal I hope to accomplish by Christmas. Shaharoh and I had said we would be "hotness" by last Christmas and I think we didn't get too motivated. Just writing about what I have accomplished in a few days (whether or not anyone reads this) has really inspired me. So don't be shy ladies, share how naughty or nice you were. Steph
I'd like to start by saying Happy Birthday Sara!
Yesterday I walked almost 3 miles without intending too. I was going to go down to my usual stopping point but I got adventurous and made a new turn then realized it didn't go through and had to keep going. I'm glad I got a little lost, it was not easy and it was sort of warm too. You can track your distance by using the free tool at
Distance from Start: 2.97 mi
For dinner I started pretty early to start a crock-pot recipe by Sandra Lee called Colorado Chili. I add one less can of green chili and a yellow onion instead of red. I also add one can of corn and I made corn bread muffins to go along with the chili. Sergio and I will be eating this for lunch all week long. Tonight I want to try and make Individual Meat Loaves by Ina from Barefoot Contessa. I already have everything in the fridge or pantry so I'll let you know how it turns out.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Night Marinade

Tonight's dinner was inspired last night while watching Sandra Lee's TV show. She used chicken drumsticks to make a quick dinner, I ran to the freezer before I could forget to put down some that I had in there. Today I went onto the Food Network web site and looked up recipes for the drumsticks and found a very highly rated recipe by Ina again (Barefoot Contessa). I food saved the drumsticks in the marinade for about 3 hours and grilled them on my cast iron skillet. I also made a variation of her side dish with red bell peppers and red onions that was fast an delicious. Sergio asked if I added sugar to the vegetables, nope, all natural sweetness. I did not add the basil but it turned out great. The only exercise I got today was from doing 2 loads of laundry, tomorrow I'll get out to walk at least 30 minutes. Below are links to the two recipes I used today.