Monday, June 8, 2009

Fast Friday

I'm so proud of you Nicole, Planks are SUPER HARD! This Firday Nicole came over for a hike at Chantry Flats but due to some severe thunderstorms and lightning we bailed and decided to scrapbook. We managed to make nothing but it was fun anyways and what we did make was edible. I chopped up a super quick salad and then showed Nicole how to make Rachel Ray's Thai Chicken Noodle Soup. It is so fast and makes about 6 servings, I calculated the cost to be $1.38 per person (using thigh meat instead of breast meat). That's right! Anyways, Saturday was left-overs again and no walking because I woke up and had a terrible migrane, I think it may be allergy related. Sunday I felt much better, I made grilled chicken sandwiches and for dinner made a beef stir fry. Now since I've been stagnant since Friday I really need to get moving. Today I'm doing Disneyland with Melissa and if that's not exercise enough for today maybe we'll do a little more walking when we get back.


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  1. dland was fun, those chicken spinach apricot wraps were amazing, i'm glad we tried them. each bite surprised me with fresh, new flavors that surprisingly went really well together.