Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nicole's Weigh In

After returning from our road trip I avoided stepping on the scale. I knew I had gained weight from sitting around in the car for 7 hrs a day for approx 6 out of our 11 days on the road. It took me 4 days to get back to gym. I went for 3 days straight and felt good, but hated looking at myself in the mirror. My gut is back! I had lost a little bit of it earlier this year, but with the layoff and the trip and the stress I couldn't keep up my routine that I started last November. I had a tough time getting back to the gym again this week after yet another roadtrip up north, but I did it on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I decided I needed to commit to more core strengthening than I have before. I committed to adding planks into my routine. I was dying today! Every time I had to cough it hurt! I am taking Friday off since Steph and I are going on a hike. We are hoping to meet weekly on Fridays for a hike. My cardio at the gym is going to alternate between walking and climbing to help train my body for future hikes. I know its not the same as actually hiking or walking out doors, but I get to read and listen to music while I do and I really like the quite time to myself. No phone, No one talking to me, No crazy hot sun, No bugs etc. Weights are my favorite part of working out. I need to do some more research on new routines for my arms and legs, but squats and pushups along with stretching and planks are the core part of my anaerobic portion of the work out. Looking forward to all of your posts! I like this idea of sharing and I need the inspiration for eating better.

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