Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why is it so hot?

I know that my hiking has really been paying off although I am still always the slowest of all the hikers I feel that I am improving my stamina. I didn't feel much soreness at all the day after my second Mt. Zion hike of the year. I was bitten again while hiking by something that caused bruise-like marks on my legs and terrible itching. Besides that it was a great training hike for me since I set the goal to do Mt. Wilson, looks like I may be hitting that as soon as Sunday. The heat has really been making me wish for more opportunities to hike, in the meantime I am still doing either the resistance cord exercise or the boot camp exercise. I definitely and always careful to keep my portions smallish and cut excess fats/oils, like mayonnaise. It will hopefully be easier not more difficult to get into a routine once school starts (tomorrow). Dogwoods is a local store sort of like Henry's and they are advertising 6 limes for $1 so I am going to make another batch of ceviche. The recipe is so simple and was a hit the party. Hope you all have a chance to make this at least once this summer, it's such refreshing treat. Ceviche Video and Ceviche Recipe. BTW I used cod for my party, enjoy!