Monday, August 3, 2009

Infuse that oil

I can't say I discovered it, as in inventing it, but I did discover it in that I love this technique. I didn't realize I was always infusing my oil by adding garlic or onions, but now that I know and I can really get creative. I made a dish that I call Spicy Shrimp Pasta. I heated evoo (extra virgin olive oil) and added a handful of dried chiles de arbol, and 4 whole garlic cloves smashed with the side of my knife. Meanwhile, I boiled and salted water for my angel hair pasta ( I've made this with whole wheat pasta too and it was fabulous). Once the aroma of the chilies fills the kitchen I turned off the heat and added the oil, garlic and half the peppers into a blender. Here it depends on your taste, I'm a wimp, so six of these bad boys is enough for me. When the pasta is a minute away from being ready turn off the heat, drain and shock the pasta in ice water, but keep 1 cup of the water it was cooked in. Return the blended mixture to the pasta pot and then add the protein of choice, or large mushrooms, or firm tofu whatever! I use the pasta water to help cook the protein through quickly and then return the pasta for a minute or two to let it finish cooking and so it can absorb all the flavors of the infusion.

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  1. Dayum...that sounds so delicious! When's dinner?