Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rock Climbing Revelation

Over 2 years ago I began hiking with Alan in order to lose weight. I decided to set a fitness goal that included a 3 day trek into the Grand Canyon with Kassie and Alan. I liked hiking and I thought it was a decent way of getting exercise because I'm not a Gym goer. After the fires my hiking came to a complete stop and I felt as though just walking around the neighborhood wasn't going to help me maintain or achieve any fitness goals.

This October Alan invites several people to join him at Joshua Tree for Rock Climbing. I had hopes of being able to read a novel in the sun and relax while Sergio had some fun with the boys. What ended up happening surprised me more than anyone. I had an idea of rock climbing and it was all wrong, I thought it was learning dozens of knots before ever being able to attempt anything. I also thought I was going to have to be strong enough to lift my own weight before attempting any climbing.

I forget how it happened but I decided to give rock climbing a try at Joshua Tree. It was fun, I only went up a tiny height and up a very sloped rock in comparison to what the others had attempted and achieved. I enjoyed it and decided to purchase shoes of my own the next time there was a sale at REI. The day came that I had the opportunity to buy shoes and a harness. That same night I was contacted by a new group called Women Who Love Life through ( I had joined a few weeks before). They planned to go to Hangar 18 in Upland, an indoor rock climbing gym the next day.

So the next day I took a belaying lesson at Hangar 18 and did a couple of routes. I was sweaty and exhausted, I wanted to do more but my body couldn't handle it. Also, it was hard to have faith in my belayer, she had just learned to do it that night as well. I felt like she could not keep up with me and so I had to go slower in order to allow her enough time to keep the tension on the rope as I ascended.

After my fourth time going I was looking forward to something new, Sergio's co-worker Kelly had invited me to go bouldering. Again, I was oblivious of what the activity entailed and imagined it could not be possible for me to do it because of a previous perception I already had in my mind. The bouldering experience was amazing! I could not believe how much I enjoyed it and how much it relaxed me. Before I began my new job I began practicing meditation in order to focus on homework better. The bouldering experience was similar because of the tremendous focus and after wards there came the euphoric sense of accomplishment. I was so pumped up at the gym I decided to wrap my fingers in order to keep climbing, although my finger were so tender. The next morning I did a 45 minute Jillian Michael's routine a well. At work I was so focused and efficient, my mind felt clear and body felt very relaxed. I can't wait to climb again and see what other little revelations come from it, for me.