Sunday, March 14, 2010

Julia Child

I have never tried a Julia Child recipe but I do remember her on KPBS in San Diego.  After the movie and novel Julie and Julia I looked for old Julia Child's TV shows and started a DVR recording of Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home.  There differing opinions has me laughing out loud, they were so cute together.  Today I had to write this short blog because of a couple things she said on a show I just finished watching.  The first was in regards to the way Jacques was cooking his spinach, he sauteed it which is the only way I would do it; however, she wanted to boil the spinach to get it to be more tender and Jacques argues that you lose all the nutritional value that way.  Julia says, "no one cares about nutrition they care about taste."  Later, she was making peas and says, "how much butter you add depends on how you feel about butter."
When I started cooking one really important reason I didn't give up was because I could control what was in the food I ate.  I didn't have to smother my food in sauces, like they do in restaurants.  Her carefree attitude was funny, but there are times that I do care less about my waist and more about the taste.  Alright, back to studying!

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  1. That is interesting about Julia's thought on spinach and the butter factor. Now that I think about it - I like sauces but mostly when I feel that something needs it which is usually when I eat out. If we make a meal at home - if the recipe doesn't call for a sauce like balsamic salmon, then the way it's seasoned totally gives it enough flavor. How come when I think of Julia Child now I see Meryl Streep's face?