Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Family & Big Meals = Big Love

So, this was a really special weekend. It started on Friday when I had to take my Professional in Human Resources Exam.  I passed, but was so tired I didn't want to cook, so it was leftover pizza from the night before.  When I finally recovered Sergio and cleaned up the apartment for the arrival of his Grandfather, Mother, Uncle, and Cousin who were visiting from El Paso, TX.  They were going to come around lunch and so I made albondiga soup.  Me and Sergio really love to add Mexican style rice to our soup so I had made rice earlier in the day.  The soup had corn, cabbage, carrots, the albondigas of course all in a beef broth.

The family was happy with the soup, but the cabbage was putting everyone to sleep, oops.  They were all expected back the next morning at around 10AM.  I had cooked some pinto beans the night before and mashed them in the morning.  I also heated up some carnitas I had bought at Costco and shredded that up.  I set the panini grill up and used that to cook up eggs to order.  I've never used up an entire pack of 18  eggs in one day until today.  The family picked up and extra cousin and his girlfriend on the way to come visit us.  I made a salsa that would create a sort of machaca taste to the dish.  Everyone was happy and full, and I have to say that they probably looking forward to dinner LOL! 

Sergio and I really love watermelon, but have a tough time picking them at the grocery store.  We have tried seedless ones in the past and they have failed.  So this time we bought a seeded one, but it was too old and had that mushy texture, yucky!  Before the crowd arrived that morning, i took this sad watermelon and cut it up into chunks for something I had never tried before.  I smashed the watermelon chunks through a colander and got as much juice as possible out of it.  I added the juice of one lime, about a cup of sugar and split my mixture into two shallow Tupperwares before putting it in the freezer.  I scraped them both with a fork every 2-3 hours.  I served it in a cup with a dash of course salt, it was so tasty and refreshing!

For dinner today I made a version of the chicken noodle soup that I've blogged about before.  Over all this weekends meals were challenging only in the sense of time crunch and quantity of food needed.  I really love cooking but this visit gave me a boost of confidence in my abilities to please the palette of others. 

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