Saturday, May 7, 2011

"King of Hearts" Omelet

The weekend Sergio and I spent in Las Vegas went by fast, but time seemed to slow down at the Omelet House.  We ate breakfast there each morning of our trip.  Sergio and I love breakfast, when I am in no hurry, it can definitely be my favorite meal of the day.  After getting back from our trip we tied the knot and had been eating out a lot, so I was inspired to give Sergio's favorite omelet (from the Omelet House) a try. 

18. “King of Hearts”.......................................................................9.19
Stuffed with artichoke hearts, tomato, mushrooms, onions & jack cheese.

The planets have to be aligned in order for me to successfully flip and omelet so I decided to do a scrambled version.  And of course I added my own twist.

I sauteed chopped onion, chopped red pepper, chopped grape tomatoes, then added the scrambled eggs.  I seasoned with salt and pepper and added pepper jack cheese and chopped cilantro.  I added a few slices avocado to Sergio's and that was it.  Easy as toast and so delicious.  I would do it again today but Mom used all the eggs while I was at the hairdresser LOL! 


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  1. That sounds soo tasty! The avocado was like the cherry on top, lol. I truly love breakfast and could eat it anytime. I always get sad when breakfast has stopped at a restaurant. Next Vegas trip: Have to check out that Omelet House!