Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carne Desebrada - Shredded Beef

Chef's note: I am being forced to write this recipe because I'm told that it would not be fair to my husband if he was unable to have this same meal again due to my failure to blog about it.  So, anyways I'm totally not kidding about that but I definitely need a kick in the pants sometimes to get my mind back on blogging.  What I made tonight was a meal that I would call machaca burrito.

2 - garlic cloves
1 tablespoon - any oil (not olive oil)
1/2 - white onion chopped
1 - red bell pepper diced into small pieces
1/2 cup - chile de arbol salsa (hot red salsa)
2 cups - Del Real Shredded Beef ( Costco)
1- 8oz can of tomato sauce
1/4 - cup leftover re-fried beans
Flour tortillas
Pickled JalapeƱos

I heated up about a tablespoon of canola oil and added two whole cloves of peeled garlic.  Once they browned I removed them from the oil and added the chopped onion and peppers.  Add a good pinch of salt and fresh cracked pepper, saute until onions become somewhat translucent.  Add the shredded beef and break it down, add in the sauce and salsa.  Bring to a simmer for about 10 minutes or until the sauce begins to thicken.  Add more salsa if desired, I added enough to add a good kick.  Then I heated up the flour tortillas, added a smear of the beans, placed the beef in the center and garnished with 2 jalapeƱos and final sprinkle of salt.

I hope that you try this meal, it is extremely easy and fast to prepare.  I always keep some Del Real precooked meats in the freezer for a quick weeknight meal.

Buen provecho!