Monday, October 22, 2012

Chard Curry over Pasta

I think I may be getting my groove back.  I have come to realize that in order to achieve really flavorful vegan dished you have to incorporate tons of spices and a large combination of g-bomb's (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms and berries) to every dish.  This is isn't my phrase, it is again from the book and life-diet system by Dr. Joel Furhman called Eat to Live.

I had purchased some rainbow chard because there wasn't any kale but then my ADD caused me to forget what I was going to do with it and I ended up remembering it a few days later.  The list of ingredients and spices used is long, really long, but it turned out really good and worth all the effort.

1 Tblspn Oilve oil
3 Garlic cloves - chopped
2 Tlbpsn Fresh Ginger - chopped
2 Shallots - chopped
1 Tsp Garlic powder
1 Tsp Onion powder
2 Tblspn Nutritional Yeast
1 Tsp No-Salt seasoning
1 Tsp Dried Basil
2 Tblspn Dijon Mustard
1 Tsp Curry powder

1/4 c Cilantro - chopped
2 Carrots - chopped
2 c Mushrooms
1 bunch Rainbow Chard, Kale or Swiss Chard - chopped
1 small can tomato sauce
1 c vegetable broth
1 c carrot juice
1 lime

Tilapia filets

In a large pot heat the olive oil and then add the chopped garlic, shallots and ginger along with all the spices.  Sautee those for a few a minutes and then  add the remaining ingredients, stir and put a lid on it for about 15 minutes and then 5 minutes without the lid on to allow some thickening of the sauce.  Meanwhile, boil salted water and cook your pasta to taste (I used whole wheat penne pasta).  Serve your curry over the pasta.  If you want to add the tilapia I suggest using some of the chard broth in a small pan and then adding your seasoned tilapia, cook for 4 minutes on each side and top your chard curry with it.

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