Saturday, February 2, 2013

Farm to Kitchen...Literally

Yesterday I received my first delivery from Farmhouse Delivery, the picture below includes all the veggies in my bushel.

Every bushel varies and is a little different from the image shown but I feel like I scored!  I was surprised to find that getting on a vegetable centric diet is very costly in Texas and our old of budget of around $50 per week had sky rocketed to almost $150 per week.  When a coworker brought this site to my attention I was instantly ready to make the switch from the grocery chain to the farm.  So the delivery arrived yesterday at my office and the driver loaded up my veggies from his bin to my Igloo with care. The whole office was wondering why I had a giant sweet potato on my desk, so I told them about my bushel in the Igloo LOL! Anyways, today for lunch we shared a seared chicken breast with Italian Seasonings over Swiss chard, garbanzo beans and fresh tomatoes, follow the link for a printable version, but of coarse here is my interpretation.

Serves 2 - 4 Stars on the Sergio Scale

1/2 Tblspn olive oil
1 medium red onion - thinly sliced
1 garlic - minced
1/2 bunch Swiss chard - chopped
1 lime
1 can garbanzo beans - rinsed
2 Roma tomatoes - rough chop

Heat olive oil in a pot over medium heat.  Stir in onion and garlic, 3-5 minutes, add beans and warm through, then add seasonings to taste.  Place chard in the pot, add tomato, squeeze the lime juice in and leave spent lime in the pot to help infuse with lime flavor.  Cover and let simmer for 10 minutes or until chard is tender.  Add more salt or pepper if necessary.

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