Sunday, September 28, 2014

A new chapter...again!

As you can see, I have been on a hiatus from writing about food. Back in May of last year I was doing  bootcamp 5 days a week and lasted 2 months.  I lost zero pounds and was then told that my initial measurement may have been wrong, so I would need to disregard that.  That's right, a big fat goose egg after all that work.  But you may say, well did your clothes fit better, or did you at have more energy?
Well, my clothes fit before and after the program and unfortunately I'm not too sure about the energy, because I've never been  too much of a slug.  So the big question for me was, why? It was most certainly two things:
1) Consistency
2) Nutrition
How am I so sure?  Well, three weeks ago I started a program to target both my nutrition and weight with an emphasis on these two aspects.  I have since lost 8 pounds.  Yes, congratulations to me, but had I not been so judgmental and ignorant I could have done this so much sooner.  A few months ago I noticed that ALL my pants were starting to get, well...snug, to put it nicely.  But on the day that I actually busted a button off my pants, while at work, I new something had to change quickly.  After making a minor wardrobe adjustment, to leggings and dresses, I began to research what I was going to do.  I needed a plan because I didn't want to just go back to the gym and mindlessly walk a treadmill or play around on some machines.  What I found was a 12-week program written specifically for women with and inclusive nutrition plan.  The program has 3 phases which satisfies condition #1 - working out in some way, shape or form on an almost daily basis.  It also has other key features, including a steady progression of weight/reps/sets across the 12-week period.
So here I explain the ignorance piece.  The parameters of the "diet" involved removing all legumes, dairy, sweets, and grains; including, rice, corn, oats, wheat, quinoa etc. I had no idea that there was name for this diet already and it's typically called Paleo.  If I would have seen that on the get go, I would have scoffed and turned the program away. Why?  Pure ignorance which comes from fear.  I'm so used to that pretty picture of the Standard American Meal (SAD) with 3 divisions for a starch, protein and some veggies.  Paleo takes out our modern addiction to processed foods and forces us to eat more green vegetables, protein, and fruits.  Well, instead of getting into the philosophy and issues with the diet, I'll just say the combo of the diet and exercise are working.  More to come soon, including my favorite new recipes, pictures, some of my new favorite moves, and soylent!

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  1. Yay! Glad you're back and can't wait to read and see more!