Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Soylent is...protein!

When Sergio decided to join me on my "Paleo" journey I was really excited for multiple reasons.  Of course, I was happy about the support I would be receiving but also the ability to not have to worry about, his an hers meals.  Cooking for two has become second nature to me, but cooking 2 separate meals for each of us would not be so simple or enjoyable.  The only issue we ran into was that it became very difficult to stay creative.  Of course there are tons of recipes out there, but how many of them are reasonable?  How many are going to have crazy exotic ingredients, a long prep time and cook time and are palatable?  Sergio has endured a lot in my food adventures but this time we hit a wall.  On top of trying to come up with creative, tasty and reasonable dishes we both got his with carb flu.  Yup, we were having withdrawals!  It sucked, big time!!  i was so sleepy and Sergio was getting headaches, we were both in misery and I was feeling so mentally drained with the thought of having to prepare food that was in line with the diet.  Sergio had already been researching a product called Soylent.  They pretty much mix up a bunch of protein powders, minerals and carbs (in the form of masa harina) and sell it.  You then mix water and oil into it, drink it and get all the bodies necessary macronutrients and calories an easy, affordable, very bachelor-like  beverage.  So how did this help?  Sergio began replacing his breakfast and lunch with a DIY version of Soylent and that left me to fend for myself and then just make one meal for the both of us in the evening.  I helped, but then I was in the predicament of having to cook for myself (breakfast and lunch).  I knew, that I too had to start doing soylent to keep my sanity from slipping away.
My journey was a bit more complicated than Sergio's, when it comes to Soylent, I think as a woman I just tend to do that to myself. But the reason was that I wanted to create a "Paleo" soyent.  Most of the recipes on the DIY Soylent involve Whey Isolate (which is dairy) and Masa Harina (corn), neither of which is a Paleo property.  My first attempt was a complete failure because I attempted to use coconut flour and almond flour, the grit was so bad I couldn't manage it without drinking a liter of water alongside it.  The next variation I tried adding a crushed multivitamin and using pea protein and a vegan protein, but this combination resulted in very painful gastrointestinal issues.  When I removed the vitamin, I was better but then I was cutting out almost all my vitamins and minerals.  I struggled with that concept for a bit and now I am on my 3rd version of the Paleo Soylent and have discovered Hemp Protein, Egg White Protein and GNC Women's Ultra Complex.  These three are the base for my recipe and I adjust these to match my caloric goal for the day.  To get my fat I add a tablespoon of MCT (coconut oil) and a tablespoon of Almond Butter.  Finally, to make it tasty I add either a combo of blueberries and cocoa powder, or strawberries and banana.  It is smooth, easy to drink and keeps me full.  it definitely took some time to get over not eating per se, but it has made our transition so much easier.  We both show more willpower than ever before, being able to avoid pizza and donuts in the office as well as avoiding processed foods altogether.
My actual recipe has many more ingredients that what I listed, I've added a link HERE to the DIY Solent site where you can access the recipe and many others.

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  1. Nice! Glad the tummy issues were solved with the switch. I'll buy some if you mail it to me, lmao!!!